Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range of White Primed Finger Jointed Radiata Mouldings?

The Woodhouse EdgeLine® range is a premium grade, white primed moulding that is suitable for domestic and commercial fit-out applications. 

What is the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range manufactured from?

All mouldings in the range are manufactured from Sustainable Plantation Radiata Pine, a softwood that is ideal for precision docking and ease of installation.

What is the coating on the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range?

All mouldings in the range have been factory coated with a Dual Coat Acrylic White Primer that is ready for final finishing.  The Dual Coat system creates a premium finish, allowing the end user to topcoat following installation.  For additional information, download the Woodhouse EdgeLine® Painting guide available in the Product Literature section of this website.

What product lengths are available?

The Woodhouse EdgeLine® range is available in 5.4m lengths for typical profiles, and 5.6m for Window Reveal profiles.

What profiles are available in the Woodhouse EdgeLine® product range?

The product range includes Architraves and Skirtings; Dressed All Round (DAR) and DAR PR4 (Pencil Round on 4 corners); Internal Door Jambs; Cornice and Trim mouldings; and Window Reveals.

Is the range suitable for DIY projects?

The Woodhouse EdgeLine® range is an ideal choice for the DIYer due to its ease of installation and final finishing.  To determine what you need for your project, use our Interactive DIY Tool to calculate your estimated moulding requirements prior to contacting your reseller.

I am doing a project outside, can I use the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range externally?

No – use the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range on inside projects only.  When using in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, make sure that you adequately seal any cut ends with a quality wood primer followed by a premium top coating system.  For all outdoor projects, use our Woodhouse Weatherproof® range of Pink Primed LOSP Treated Architectural Pine.  This range is ideal for above ground,  external exposed to the weather applications.  For further information, visit our website at

What are the recommendations for working with, cutting and installing products in the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range?

All Woodhouse EdgeLine® mouldings can worked with and installed using typical building tools. Ensure that when cutting and fixing mouldings, use suitable personal protective equipment such as gloves, dust-mask and goggles. Further details can be found under Product Installation & Painting.

Where can I buy products in the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range?

The range is distributed through Retail Hardware and Building outlets throughout Queensland and New South Wales (including the ACT).  To find your nearest reseller, browse for locations using your postcode in the:  ‘Where to buy Woodhouse EdgeLine®?’ search function on this website.