Window Reveal Program

Primed Window reveals, window revealsWindow reveal mouldings, reveal mouldingsThe Woodhouse EdgeLine® Window Reveals have been specifically developed to yield a robust product that performs during manufacture, installation and following final finishing.

The Dual Coat Primed Finish allows improved management on-site prior to final installation yielding a durable reveal solution in all applications. All reveals are manufactured with a 2mm Pencil Round on all 4 corners (PR4) to make product handling during construction and installation easier.

Produced in 5.6 metre long boards, optimum recovery in production can be achieved by meeting the needs of the manufacturer through customisation of length.

Window Reveals are supplied with a 2mm radius on all 4 corners to assist with product handling during the manufacturing process and to minimise damage on site prior to installation.


To find out further information about our Window Reveal Program, contact us on 1300 880 662 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive assistance.

Window Reveal Profiles

Window Reveals
Window reveal mouldings, reveal mouldings
Dressed All Round (DAR) PR4 Window Reveals Profile List
ProductSizeAvailabilityQLD NSW VICLength(LM)DownloadProfile Images
FJREV05718PR4P57 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV07718PR4P77 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV08118PR4P81 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV08618PR4P86 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV09218PR4P92 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV09818PR4P98 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV10018PR4P100 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV11018PR4P110 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV11618PR4P116 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV13318PR4P133 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV13818PR4P138 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF
FJREV16318PR4P163 x 18   5.63D | CAD PDF